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The Lusitania with Vic Verlinden

Belgian technical diver, underwater photographer and explorer Vic Verlinden will be talking about the iconic Lusitania at the GO Diving Show in March. Vic will...

New discoveries on the Lusitania

Acclaimed technical diver and photographer Vic Verlinden has finally finished his epic five-year odyssey to publish Lusitania: The Underwater Collection, and here he gives...

Gregg Bemis dies aged 91

Gregg Bemis, the charismatic millionaire former owner of the luxury liner Lusitania, which sank off the south coast of Ireland in 1915 after being...

€300 million of art treasures still inside Lusitania

One of the gigantic props from the Lusitania can be seen at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Masterpieces by the likes of Rembrandt, Monet and Rubens...



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