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WHAT’S NEW: KUBI launches Icelandic wool thermal inner gloves

Drygloves are becoming an increasingly familiar sight on cold-water divers, and the KUBI dryglove system is one of the most-popular, thanks to its ease...
KUBI dryglove system

KUBI embraces change with 100% plastic-free packaging

The award-winning KUBI dryglove system has been at the forefront of dive exploration for over seven years, enabling cutting-edge technical and cave divers across...
KUBI DryGloves

The Dive Christmas Gift Guide Day 9: KUBI DryGloves

Are you or any of your buddies a cold-water diver? Today’s gift idea - KUBI DryGloves - could be the perfect Christmas buy… KUBI DryGloves...

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