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How to choose an underwater light

James Blackman of Divers Ready returns for another fact-filled instalment! In this episode, James discusses dive lights, the different styles available, how to mount...

Come Scuba Dive Bonaire!

One of the first places we’re all going to look forward to visiting in the Caribbean once COVID-19 is further in the rearview mirror,...

5 Breathing Techniques to be a better Scuba Diver

This week we are focused on breathing. I'm going be giving you my single biggest instructor level tip to help you get your scuba diving...

World Learns to Kneel in Scuba Diving

Here’s a bit of light humor and some points to consider when testing your scuba skills. Our partner, James Blackman of Divers Ready shares...

Getting The Perfect Weight For Scuba Diving

Ladies and gentlemen, what's going on - welcome to Scuba Diver magazine. My name is James, and I am Scuba Diver magazine’s ‘man in...

How to choose a Scuba Diving Mask

James from Divers Ready is back with more helpful tips, this time on how to choose a diving mask and find out Best Scuba...

4 Passive Income Ideas for Scuba Pros

Hate Your Dive Instructor Salary Being 💩? How much money is the average dive instructor salary? The easy answer is not much. Here are 4...



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