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Divers Ready! website goes live

To celebrate hitting the milestone of 50K scuba-diving subscribers, popular digital media creators Divers Ready! have launched their brand-new website. The new website is a...

James Blackman talks DCS

James Blackman, the charismatic frontman of the Divers Ready YouTube Channel, is an experienced CCR diver, technical diving instructor and safety officer – and...

Garmin Descent MK2i – is it good for technical diving?

James Blackman from Divers Ready looks at the Garmin Descent MK2i dive computer from a technical diving perspective. Don't miss out on any future episodes...

Possible career-ending ear surgery needed

James Blackman from Divers Ready has found out he is needing possible career-ending surgery on his ear, despite conducting comprehensive pre- and post-dive ear...

5 tips for getting back into scuba diving after a scare

In this video, James Blackman from Divers Ready offers up 5 tips for getting back into scuba diving after a scare. How To Get...

7 Scuba Diving Hacks in 3 mins

James Blackman from Divers Ready presents 7 Scuba Diving hacks that will make your life as a diver easier. Also look at scuba diving...

How to attach a bolt snap to any piece of scuba diving equipment

In this episode of Divers Ready, host James Blackman focuses his attention on the humble bolt snap. He discusses what materials bolt snaps should be...



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