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Scuba Diver ANZ Issue 34 Out Now

Click here for Scuba Diver ANZ issue 34 NewsCitizen science opportunities on the Great Barrier Reef, international award for kids’ scuba programmes, the opening of...

Scuba Divers Making a Difference

Scuba Divers Making a Difference in Local Communities Do not think just because you are a visitor in another country, that you do not have...

Why Raja Ampat is so Important to Conserve

Meridian Adventure Dive Ask, Why Raja Ampat is so Important to Conserve! Around 75% of the world’s coral species are found in the region. Moreover,...

Magnificent Manta Migration

Manta Migration Raja Ampat Nothing can compare to the moment you are surrounded by massive Mantas, gracefully gliding overhead suddenly swooping in closer to the...

Sheba restores reef with The Film That Grows Coral

Hope Reef, the start of the world's largest coral reef restoration programme, has been unveiled off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia, spearheaded by cat...

The Papuan Garden Eel

The Papuan Garden Eel, New Genus of Garden Eel Discovered in Raja Ampat  THE PAPUAN GARDEN EEL How can they go unnoticed? These little guys make...

The Stunning Coral Gardens of Raja Ampat

The Stunning Coral Gardens of Raja Ampat - Brought to you by Meridian Dive Adventures The location speaks for itself! No two dives in Raja...



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