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Wobbegong Shark Ambush Predator

The Wobbegong Shark is an Expert Ambush Predator Are you asking if a Wobbegong bite? They sure do... Lying in wait on the ocean floor,...

Floating Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish sightings in Raja Ampat, Indonesia Majestically floating and pulsating its colours. During mating season, male cuttlefish tend to change their body colours in order...

Wakatobi's Front-row Seating For Sunset Shows

Wakatobi’s iconic Jetty Bar is the place to enjoyable unobstructed over-water view of the western horizon to reflect on another memorable day of diving and snorkeling

Raja Ampat Scuba Diving Specials

Meridian Adventure Dive Raja Ampat Scuba Diving Specials No set arrival or departure days, book your package to suit your travel plans. 7 DAY / 6...

Colourful Underwater Playground

Raja Ampat is a Colourful Underwater Playground Meridian Adventure Dive is situated at the bull’s-eye of the Coral Triangle and the planet’s richest marine biodiversity....

Roma – Wakatobi's Dive Site #42

For the underwater photographer, Roma's magnificent collection of coral and unique fish life, can present a tough choice in which way to go –...

Meridian Adventure Dive 5th Anniversary

Meridian Adventure Dive Celebrate their 5th Anniversary – 17 October 2022 Meridian Adventure Dive Resort Raja Ampat is celebrating its fifth anniversary. This boutique dive...



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