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The Devil Walks at Dusk

With mottled skin as rough as sandpaper, the devil scorpionfish easily blends into the contours of an underwater rock pile or rubble field. These ambush...

Immerse Yourself in a Raja Ampat Home Stay Dive Adventure

Meridian Adventure Raja Ampat Homestay Dive Adventures Our Homestay Dive Adventure packages facilitate diving in pristine reefs and are designed to fully immerse you in...

How to Get to Raja Ampat

Meridian Adventure Dive Explains How to get to Raja Ampat Some call it hidden, other’s call it exclusive, we simply call it PARADISE. Do not get...

Raja Ampat Diving – Is Macro Or Wide Angle Better?

Which setup is best when diving the most diverse scuba diving area in the world, Raja Ampat? Meridian Adventure Dive share their top tips...

Dive Raja Ampat – Latest Holiday Deals

Discover Meridian Adventure Dive's latest holiday deals and dive Raja Ampat the best way! Dive Raja Ampat with these incredible deals! SAVE ON BOTH THE...

Your Ultimate Guide to Diving Raja Ampat

Text by Jean-Pierre Nathrass. Images by Meridian Adventure Dive & Brandon Celine. Welcome to Raja Ampat - an incredible tropical destination with endless white sand beaches...

Dive Raja Ampat – New Homestay Experience

Article by Jean-Pierre Nathrass. Images by Meridian Adventure Dive. Looking for a new and authentic way to dive Raja Ampat? Try a homestay experience with Meridian...



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