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Divers digitally map historic wreck The London

A team of divers have been investigating the remains of one of England’s most-important 17th century shipwrecks - the London, which accidentally blew up in 1665 in...
Historic England

World War One submarine given protection by Historic England

The wreck of submarine HMS D1, which lies off the coast of Devon near Dartmouth, has been given protection by Historic England.HMS D1 used...

19th Century Mystery Shipwrecks granted protection

Two well-preserved mystery shipwrecks which were involved in day-to-day merchant trading in slate and coal by river and sea in England in the mid-to-late...
Protected Wrecks

Protected Wreck Association awarded £29,000 grant from Historic England

Historic England has awarded a £29,000 grant to the Protected Wreck Association to support volunteer licensed divers. The Protected Wreck Association, in partnership with MSDS...

Artefacts, including from the Rooswijk, to be X-rayed to reveal their secrets

The X-ray and analysis of aretefacts, including those recovered from historic shipwrecks such as the Rooswijk, will take a major leap forward thanks to...

Pre-World War One German ‘ironclad’ – and its memorial – granted protection

The wreck of a pre-World War One German 'ironclad', SMS Grosser Kurfürst, which sank off the Kent coast in 1878, along with a Folkestone...
HMS Beagle

Historic England announces protection for dock linked to Darwin’s HMS Beagle

The remains of a rare 19th century dock, built to accommodate HMS Beagle when it was serving as a Coastguard Watch Vessel in Essex,...
landing ships, D-Day

US landing ships involved in D-Day rehearsals gain protection

Two American amphibian landing ships that were involved in the ill-fated Exercise Tiger rehearsals off Slapton Sands in Devon, just weeks before D-Day on...

Pre-World War One battleship HMS Montagu granted protection

The wreck of the pre-World War One battleship HMS Montagu, and a series of steps that were cut into the cliff face on Lundy Island...

Paddle steamer with colourful gun-running history granted heritage protection

The wreck of a 19th century paddle steamer, which was on its maiden voyage to run guns and supplies for the Confederate Forces of the...

Why doesn’t DAN share chamber locations?

For this video, Editorial Director Mark Evans partners up with the team from Divers Alert Network to look at recompression facilities, or more specifically,...
The Post-Covid World

The Post-Covid World

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