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whale watching

Where To Spot Whale Species Worldwide

Whales have held our fascination and imagination for centuries. These mysterious animals have a language all of their own, are very intelligent, and at...

Best Places To Dive In September

September can be a tricky time to dive, as many destinations are transitioning between seasons. However, there are still some magical places to visit...
Great Barrier Reef

Remote Diving the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an iconic scuba diving destination, yet few people realise it is ideal for going off the beaten path and...

Tiffany & Co. Foundation Commits $1.4m to Great Barrier Reef Conservation

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation has announced that it has committed approximately $1.4m AUD ($1m USD) to help protect and restore Australia’s Great Barrier...
Nautilus diving

Best Places to Dive in May

It is a great month for Great Barrier Reef scuba diving in Australia and enjoying excellent water visibility brought on by the seasonal change....
Crown of thorns starfish

Divers Kill Almost 47,000 Crown-of-thorns Starfish on Great Barrier Reef

Volunteer divers in Australia have carried out a record-breaking mission killing nearly 47,000 crown-of-thorns starfish in seven days on the southern Great Barrier Reef....
Green sea turtle

Rising Temperatures Turn Great Barrier Reef Turtles Female

New research has found that rising temperatures are turning nearly all green sea turtles female in an area of the Great Barrier Reef. The unbalanced...
Number of World Heritage Sites Affected By Climate Change Almost Doubles in Three Years

Number of World Heritage Sites Affected By Climate Change Almost Doubles in Three Years

Coral reefs are among the most threatened ecosystems of natural World Heritage sites, a new report shows. The number of natural World Heritage sites threatened...

Giant Blue Sinkhole Discovered In Great Barrier Reef

A giant blue hole in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has finally been explored by a team of divers and has shown it is home...

Two-thirds of Great Barrier Reef affected by bleaching

  In a time when climate change is a hot topic thanks to a certain TV-celebrity-turned-world-leader, it is worrying that aerial surveys have shown that...

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