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The Cave
Dare you enter… The Cave?

The extremely popular Cave is returning to the GO Diving Show this weekend, and will be joined for the first time by an interactive bouldering

Krack out, Widmann for the win

Due to unforeseen circumstances, freediving guru and Human Performance Lead for DEEP Kirk Krack is unable to attend the GO Diving Show this weekend, but

Jen Spacagna
Mantas under the spotlight

The Manta Trust’s Education Manager Jen Spacagna will be shining a spotlight on majestic manta rays – and how to responsibly interact with them –

GO Diving Show
Get wet at the GO Diving Show

The GO Diving Show takes place this weekend, and it is the perfect place to either take the plunge into scuba diving for the very

Scapa Flow
The Ghost Fleet of Scapa Flow

Underwater photographer Jason Brown will be talking about the Ghost Fleet of Scapa Flow, one of the greatest wreck-diving locations on the planet, when he