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Q&A: Sarah Richard of Girls That Scuba

Scuba Diver chats to Sarah Richard, the founder of Girls That Scuba, to find out how she first got started in diving, and what...

Girls That Scuba announces first-ever ambassadors

Girls That Scuba has announced their ambassadorship programme, with ten female divers who will work closely with the female dive community to promote females...

Bottom Time – Lauren Aston from Girls That Scuba is on the hotspot

At the GO Diving Show in February, we enlisted award-winning videographer David Diley to wander the show floor and grab unsuspecting members of the global...

Scuba Diver Live: Diving and YouTube – is this the future?

We've got an action-packed Scuba Diver Live session planned for Friday 15 May at 3pm. Mark Evans will be talking to three diving YouTube...

Girls That Scuba launches series of online courses with female instructors

Girls That Scuba, the world's largest female dive community, have clubbed together with its members to offer exciting and interactive online 'dry' courses to...

Bottom Time – quick-fire interview with Girls That Scuba's Sarah Richard

Prepare to be amused by Bottom Time! At the recent GO Diving Show in February, we enlisted award-winning videographer David Diley to wander the...

Girls That Scuba celebrates women in diving at GO Diving Show

Sarah Richard, founder of Girls That Scuba, is hosting panel discussions on the Main Stage at the GO Diving Show in February to celebrate...



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