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Ghost Diving announces new chapter in the UK

Ghost Diving, the international volunteer diver organisation formerly known as Ghost Fishing, has announced the establishment of a new country chapter in the United...
DWS crew in front of MAKO SWIFTCAT

Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving buy their first boat

Asset manager DWS has donated to Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving to help these important marine protection organizations buy their own boat. DWS has supported Healthy...
Ghost Diving bracenets

Get your Ghost Diving Bracenet now!

The efforts of the Ghost Diving team to retrieve lost monofilament and other fishing nets have long been reported by Scuba Diver, and now...
Ghost Diving

Ghost Diving launches apres-divewear line

Ghost Diving works hard to keep our oceans clean of lost and discarded monofilament netting, and now you can support them by wearing their...
Ghost Diving

Ghost Diving clean up Greece’s HMS Perseus

Technical divers from Ghost Diving have removed more than 500kg of old fishing nets and other debris from the wreck of HMS Perseus and...

Ghost Fishing changes its name to Ghost Diving

Ghost Fishing, a well-known charity, is officially rebranding itself as Ghost Diving to make it easier for the public to understand what it does. In...

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