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Peregrine Dive Computer Review

Video: Budget Friendly Peregrine Dive Computer Review

Shearwater Research Peregrine Dive Computer Review SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE FULL VIDEO TEST EXTRA - RRP £447.60 Mark Evans: Canadian company Shearwater Research has rapidly...
9 Best Scuba Regulators in 2020

9 Best Scuba Regulators in 2020 over £475

As many of our readers dive all year round, we always test scuba regulators in February and March, when water temperatures are at their...

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cold-water diving

Cold-water diving hints and advice

Cold-water diving - tried it yet? Join Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans for the first video from our brand-new studio, in which he offers some useful...
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Looming oil disaster in the Caribbean

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Size matters – Fourth Element makes it personal

Scuba Diver with a Fish

7 Essential Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

Garmin Garmin Descent Mk2i HR1001

Garmin launches Descent MK2/MK2i dive computers