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RAID partners with Human Factors

Dive RAID International has always been known for quality instruction and its focus on enhancing safety for students and professional members. At some point,...

Book now for Human Factors in Diving Conference

It's here! Over the next two days, technical diver and human factors expert Gareth Lock is presenting the inaugural Human Factors in Diving conference with world-leading speakers presenting...

Scuba Dive Live – human factors in diving with Gareth Lock and Dr Laura Walton

Tune in for what is sure to be an interesting and educational Scuba Diver Live session, as we invite Gareth Lock and Dr Laura...

REVIEW: Mark Evans discusses hard-hitting documentary If Only…

If you are going to watch anything online during this enforced hiatus from diving activities, then make it the hard-hitting documentary If Only..., the...

If Only… documentary about CCR tragedy

High-risk diver and human factors expert Gareth Lock has joined forces with American widow Ashley Bugge to make a film - titled If Only......



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