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Exciting collaboration partners five of the world’s leading dive brands

Five of the scuba diving world’s leading brands – Apeks, Fourth Element, IQSub, Paralenz, and Shearwater Research - have launched a collaboration to promote...
Fourth Element Drysuit Review

Fourth Element Argonaut Stealth 2.0 Review (SRP: £1,895)

Fourth Element have carved out a niche for themselves in exposure protection, starting intially with undersuits, branching out into wetsuits, and then rounding out...
World Oceans Day

Fourth Element gets recognition on UN World Oceans Day website

Jim Standing, Paul Strike and the team at Fourth Element are justifiably proud after the company was featured on the United Nations World Oceans...
PADI Launches Eco-Conscious Marketplace - PADI LOVES

PADI Launches Eco-Conscious Marketplace – PADI LOVES

PADI has launched a curated marketplace featuring sustainable, eco-conscious products for those who love water - ‘PADI LOVES’. Announced on World Water Day (22...
New Fourth Element ‘Gulper’ Water Bottle Now Available

New Fourth Element ‘Gulper’ Water Bottle Now Available

Fourth Element has introduced the new ‘Gulper’ water bottle, a canteen for those looking to steer away from buying plastic bottled water. The reusable...
Fourth Element Showcases New Wetsuit at DEMA

Fourth Element Showcases New Wetsuit at DEMA

UK based dive wear company Fourth Element has been showcasing a few new creations at DEMA, one of them being a new and revolutionary...

Storm All-Weather Poncho from Fourth Element Revealed

Fourth Element has revealed a new Storm all-weather poncho which could help with those moments on a dive boat when the weather is all...

Fourth Element Unveils New Pioneer Swimwear Collection For Women

The Pioneer Collection was revealed by Fourth Element this week - its latest swimwear line for women. Like all of the company’s swimwear, this collection...


In October 2015, progressive and innovative British company Fourth Element launched BIOMAP, a new imaging system designed to revolutionise the way drysuits are ordered...
Mission 2020

Mission 2020 – a dive community project to help the ocean

Mission 2020, a global initiative to show the commitment of the diving industry to protect and preserve the oceans for the future, launched on...

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