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Major win for Goliath grouper

Florida’s diving community recently scored a win for Goliath grouper. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Palm Beach County Dive Association, a group...

Spring Country – North Florida’s Fountains of Youth

Scuba Diver’s US/Canada Editor-at-Large Walt Stearns waxes lyrical about the attraction of North Florida’s cave country

Manatees of the Crystal River – Big Animal Encounters with Don Silcock

Don Silcock continues with his big animal encounters, this month focusing on the Manatees of the Crystal River Just before dawn on a winter’s day is a really...

Diving Blue Heron Bridge – A Critter Goldmine!

Photographs by Walt Stearns Diving Blue Heron Bridge - paradise for patient muck divers The dive was not going as planned. Fifteen minutes of meticulously scanning...

Update to Palm Beach County, Florida’s Reopening Their Doors to Scuba Divers

Back in early May, Palm Beach County began allowing dive boats to operate once again provided that they fallow the guides set forth by...

Best Destinations to Dive with Sea Turtles

The Palm Beach County coast is one of the few places in the world where divers can encounter all five species of sea turtles...

Top 10 Best Dive Sites in the World

I find myself in drydock as we all patiently wait for modern medicine to get enough of a handle on COVID-19 to make travel...



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