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Is it safe to scuba dive if you suffer from ME?

Q: Hi there, I am an avid diver and I have been diagnosed with ME. As little is known about ME I need to...

Can you dive after using Sudafed?

Q: I have just returned from a trip to Mexico, where one of our group had some sinus congestion at the beginning of the...

Can you dive with childhood asthma?

Q: My ten-year old daughter Lucy has asthma, which she’s had since birth. In her first few winters it was quite severe and she...

Can you go hang-gliding after a dive?

Q: I’ve been diving for 30-odd years and was a smoker until five years ago (I’m now 48). Unfortunately I think I left giving...

Can orbital floor fractures and eye floaters stop you from diving?

Q: I have suffered an orbital floor fracture whilst playing rugby. My doctor has instructed me not to blow my nose due to subcutaneous...

Can You Scuba Dive After Suffering From a Collapsed Lung?

Question Over 22 years ago, when I was 19, I had a spontaneous bilateral pneumothorax. This was not related to any illness or defect, it...



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