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Can you scuba dive after giving blood or while taking beta blockers?

Q: I am a regular blood donor and was wondering whether you could see any reasons I can’t dive? I really want to try...

Can you still scuba dive when on medication for atrial fibrillation?

Q: Hello. I have been diving for 57 years, and I am an advanced diver and ex-instructor. I was recently diagnosed with atrial flutter...

Can you be too old to scuba dive?

Q: While holidaying with my daughter and grandchildren in the Maldives I was given the opportunity to dive. I had only ever snorkelled previously...

Can you scuba dive after a stroke?

Q: My father is an ex-military diver, he is now 68 years old, but has kept up recreational diving for many years since he...

Can sciatica, bulging neck discs or hypermobility stop you from diving?

Q: Having had painful joints, muscles and nerves for years, I have just been diagnosed with hypermobility (Ehlers-Danlos) syndrome. I also have bulging discs...

Can you scuba dive with a false front tooth?

Q: I am off travelling and have done a lot of diving but my girlfriend has a fake tooth which is attached to the...



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