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Scuba Diving Stories Episode 8 Sam

Aliquam Presents Scuba Diving Stories There are few experiences in life that can transform a person more than entering the ocean. From the moment a...

How to be a successful dive instructor

Dive instructor trainer Marcel van den Berg looks at ways to be a better dive instructor, in this instance, how to be a successful...

RAID launches new instructor materials

Becoming an instructor, regardless of agency, takes a huge amount of time and dedication, and RAID is seeking to make that process more-efficient with...

5 Breathing Techniques to be a better Scuba Diver

This week we are focused on breathing. I'm going be giving you my single biggest instructor level tip to help you get your scuba diving...

Getting The Perfect Weight For Scuba Diving

Ladies and gentlemen, what's going on - welcome to Scuba Diver magazine. My name is James, and I am Scuba Diver magazine’s ‘man in...



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