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An introduction to rebreather diving

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans resisted the lure of closed-circuit rebreather diving for many years, before certifying on the Poseidon MK6 and the Hollis...

Dive Rite O2ptimaCM CCR tried and tested

Scuba Diver Editor-at-Large (North America) Walt Stearns meets up with Lamar and Jared Hires from Dive Rite to test-dive the company's innovative O2ptimaCM chest-mounted...

South Florida’s Deep & Mysterious Hole-in-the-Wall

Every destination has its Signature Dive. In most cases it’s a particular wreck, reef or animal attraction that is touted as a must-do. But...

VMS RedBare CCR price slashed

VMS Rebreathers have announced a considerable cut in the retail price of its class-leading closed circuit rebreather, the VMS RedBare CCR. The new price...



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