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BVI Wreck Week returns in February

The British Virgin Islands is known for experiences such as its regattas, festivals and beach activities, but it is also home to several outstanding...

Aggressor Adventures expand into BVIs

Aggressor Adventures has announced the addition of the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) Aggressor to its line-up of excursions in the Caribbean, with trips starting...

Beyond the Reef starts to take shape in the BVIs

Divers can now encounter skeletal pirates scrubbing the decks or planning their next plundering mission when they visit the BVIs. As reported by Scuba Diver...

British Virgin Islands turn hurricane debris into scuba diving treasure

After the devastating Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, the British Virgin Islands are turning hurricane-destroyed vessels into very unique dive sites through the...

Sir Richard Branson helps BVIs gain stunning ‘art’-ificial reef

  The sight of a monstrous Kraken atop a stricken naval vessel sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, but now divers to the...



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