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US divers die in separate Belize incidents

Early May saw the deaths of two 60-something American divers in the popular waters off Belize. On Friday 6 May, 62-year-old Celeste Lee Bondurant Bell...

Diving Royals explore Belize barrier reef

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge donned scuba gear in Belize to explore the second-largest barrier reef in the world as part of their...

Tsunami warnings follow powerful earthquakes in the Caribbean

Tsunami warnings were put in place for countries including Belize, Cuba, Honduras, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica after a powerful 7.7-magnitude deep-water earthquake yesterday...

Aquatica Announces Historic Expedition to the Bottom of the Belize Blue Hole

Aquatica Submarines has announced a historic expedition to the bottom of the Belize Blue Hole. The mission is a partnership with the Roatan Institute of...



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