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Counting Coral in Fiji

Counting Coral is a non-profit committed to the protection and restoration of the world's coral reefs, and was founded two years ago by artist...

Malta gains another artificial reef

The Professional Diving School Association of Malta, Gozo and Comino (PDSA) and Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) have added yet another shipwreck to the ever-growing...

New York artificial reef system continues to expand

Last week, New York's artificial reef system was expanded for the third year as attempts to create more-diverse underwater eco-systems and shelter for marine...

Aqaba latest artificial reef – Lockheed TriStar

The Jordan coastal city continues to evolve its artificial reef scene, adding a gigantic Lockheed TriStar civilian airliner into the mix Photographs by Mark Evans The...

2018 Welcomed Five New Artificial Reefs

Five artificial reefs were created in 2018, with a few of them open to divers. The reefs include the former Royal Bahamas Defense Force...

French dive teams work to remove car tyre artificial reef ‘environmental failure’

An artificial reef comprising tens of thousands of old car tyres is being lifted from the seabed off the south of France in a...



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