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HMS Richmond

Heart of Oak – on board the Royal Navy’s HMS Richmond

Well before the advent of Covid-19, Andrew Tonge, our resident diving lawyer and technical diving instructor, visited the front line Royal Navy. In this...

Business as usual for Divelife

On Saturday 2 September, new owner Julian Syson officially opened the doors at Divelife in Whitefield. Andrew Tonge, experienced tech diver and regular Scuba Diver...

The effects of stress and tasking loading in diving

Andrew Tonge, deep diver, tech instructor and diving lawyer, takes a look at stress and task loading in diving. There is no doubt that stress...
Andrew Tonge is an experienced technical diver and instructor

Are you ready to become a deep tech diver?

Andrew Tonge, experienced technical diver and instructor, looks at the decision to train as a deep tech diver For divers that reach ‘the crossroads’, the dilemma known to...

DIVE LAWYER: Q&A – required size of a dive team

Scuba Diver's resident dive lawyer Andrew Tonge answers your questions…  this time relating to the size of a dive team.   Question – l run a dive centre. During...

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Karlsruhe discovery could answer longtime mystery

The latest remarkable discovery by Santi Diving supremo Tomasz Stachura and the Baltictech divers - of German steamer SS Karlsruhe - could unravel a...
Sir David Attenborough

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Scuba Diver News round-up 2nd October

Beautiful Yellow Seahorses can be found in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia

Diverse Travel adds Croatia to its portfolio