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Super Last Minute Offers


Maldives & Red Sea Super Last Minute Offers with Blue Force Fleet

Last Minute Offers 2

MALDIVES Blue Force One $500 discount

Due to a cancellation caused by COVID restrictions, we have availability on
January departures on the Maldives Blue Force One.
Take advantage of our “SuuuuuuperR LAST MINUTE” offer with $500 discount
per person and enjoy one of the best boats in the Maldives. Click here!

RED SEA Blue Force 2 & 3 Discount upto €400

Would you like to offer an excellent “LAST MINUTE” discount
to your customers this Christmas?
Take advantage of our offers on board BLUE FORCE 2 & BLUE FORCE 3.
Discounts of 400 and 300 € per person. Click here!

Online Booking

Through our Online Booking System, you can quickly and easily check availability
and book online our Blue Force cruises in Maldives and Red Sea.
In addition, you can take advantage of the latest offers,
24 hours a day / 7 days a Week.
Click on www.booking.blueforcefleet.com and book you Blue Force Experience!

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