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SSI launches Decompression Diving


Training agency SSI has launched its new specialty programme, Decompression Diving.

SSI continues to invest in its Training Centres by frequently adding new training opportunities for all levels of SSI divers. Today, SSI is excited to announce the latest addition to their Recreational Diving programme, the SSI Decompression Diving Specialty.

SSI developed this innovative new specialty to bridge the gap between recreational diving and their Extended Range (XR) programmes. The SSI Decompression Diving Specialty is the perfect opportunity for recreational divers to get a small taste of what more advanced diving is like without having to commit to going entirely technical right off the bat.

The Decompression Diving Specialty provides SSI divers the training necessary to independently plan and conduct decompression dives using either traditional recreational equipment or introducing them to using a sidemount system. This programme will take divers to a maximum depth of 40m with a maximum accumulated decompression time of 15 minutes. As the programme is a recreational specialty it will adhere more closely to recreational training standards and procedures.

As the Decompression Diving programme is only available for single cylinder or sidemount divers, the Extended Range Nitrox programme is still the ‘go to’ programme for divers seeking twinset training with limited decompression. By evaluating student certification numbers SSI have seen that the majority of students who are looking for twinset training begin automatically with the Extended Range programme, and SSI is confident that divers who want to stay in recreational equipment will now choose this new Decompression programme.

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