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Socorro Vortex & Great White Sharks of Guadalupe


Join Hayley & Richard from Black Manta Photography, as they venture from the UK out to Guadalupe for the first of a four-part vlog to cage dive with the Great White Sharks of this Pacific paradise.


In this video, they cover their journey out to San Diego where they board the ‘shark bus', and their initial thoughts on starting their journey out to Guadalupe aboard the Socorro Vortex Liveaboard.


Part 2 of the Guadalupe series and Hayley & Richard from Black Manta Photography arrive at Guadalupe for day 1 of their 3-day cage diving adventure.


In the third video of this four-part series, Hayley & Richard from Black Manta Photography sample more great white sharks while cage diving on The Socorro Vortex liveaboard, and showcase some stunning close up slow motion action. They also tell us why you shouldn’t be put off by the journey to Guadalupe, and why everyone should visit!


The fourth and final episode in the Guadalupe series that Hayley & Richard from Black Manta Photography have showcased during their three days The Socorro Vortex liveaboard. In this video they head down to 10m in the submersible cage to witness the Great White Sharks cruising by under the boat, before sending us into the skies for some breathtaking drone footage – this video is not to be missed!

Music in this video is sourced from BenSound – Royalty Free Music

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