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Shearwater Research announces Avelo Mode for the Teric



Shearwater Research has unveiled the latest firmware update for its acclaimed Teric dive computer – the Avelo Mode. This new feature is set to revolutionize the diving experience by integrating seamlessly with the ground-breaking Avelo System, a lightweight and advanced buoyancy control solution.

The Avelo System redefines scuba diving by offering a lightweight alternative to traditional scuba gear, centred around its innovative Hydrotank and Jetpack. Unlike conventional BCDs, the Hydrotank uses water to manage buoyancy, which significantly reduces the weight divers carry out of the water and enhances underwater maneuverability. This results in an experience akin to flying underwater, providing divers with unparalleled buoyancy control and increased safety.

When the pump on the Jetpack is used, the pressure in the Hydrotank increases. While standard air-monitoring guidelines may be used for safe diving, the use of a precision transmitter-enabled dive computer with the Avelo Mode provides a far more accurate view of percentage of breathing gas remaining.

The Shearwater Teric now has an Avelo Mode

The newly developed Avelo Mode on the Teric dive computer enhances the dive experience when the Teric and Swift transmitter are paired with the Avelo System’s capabilities, offering divers advanced tools and insights to optimize their dives and improve performance.   

By utilizing Avelo Mode, divers can achieve enhanced safety and performance. The combined system provides precise data on surface air consumption (SAC) and percentage of breathing gas remaining, crucial for understanding neutral buoyancy, managing workload, and improving efficiency. This leads to longer dives and more bottom time, enriching the overall diving experience.

Shearwater Research is committed to pushing the boundaries of diving technology. “Partnering with Avelo aligns with our mission to deliver powerful, simple, and reliable diving solutions. We are inspired by innovators like Aviad Cahana and his Avelo Labs team, who share our vision to push the boundaries of human potential underwater,” said Jason Leggatt, CEO of Shearwater Research.

Aviad Cahana, CEO of Avelo Labs, added, “We are ecstatic to collaborate on the Avelo Mode with a renowned dive computer brand like Shearwater. This partnership allows us to bring our revolutionary buoyancy control technology to a broader audience, enhancing the dive experience for all.”

The Avelo Mode will be available in connection with the next firmware release for the Teric dive computer on 17 June. After installing the new firmware, the Avelo Mode will then be available by purchasing the Avelo Mode Unlock Code, retailing for US$99, from your Shearwater authorized dealer.

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