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Shearwater launches air-integrated Peregrine TX


Peregrine TX

Shearwater Research have cemented their inexorable hold on the dive computer market with the launch of the air-integrated version of their best-selling Peregrine wrist-mounted unit, the Peregrine TX.

Hot on the heels of the Tern and Tern TX, which were effectively Teric ‘Lite' wristwatch-style computers, Shearwater have now released an air-integrated version of the Peregrine, which was a Perdix ‘Lite'.

This means the Canadian company now has pretty much every area of the dive computer market covered – entry-level divers can go for the watch-style Tern or the wrist-mounted Peregrine, if they want air-integration and a digital compass, they can opt for the Tern TX or the Peregrine TX. And if someone wants all-singing, all-dancing tech-capable units, there is the Teric and the Perdix 2.0.

Peregrine TX

The Peregrine is a full colour, multi-gas dive computer that can be used in a number of diving modes – Air, Nitrox, three-gas Nitrox and Gauge mode – and is easy to use for divers of all experience levels.

The aim of the Peregrine was to provide recreational divers with a highly affordable option while retaining most of the same features and functions fundamental to Shearwater’s Perdix 2.0 model.

Highlights of the Peregrine include the same 55.8mm wide, high-resolution color LCD display set in a highly robust low profile 77mm x 68mm x 25mm thick case with a depth rating of 120m.

In addition to the Peregrine’s colour LCD display providing a high contrast, easy to read screen with automatic screen brightness, the display may be customized with user-defined fonts in a selection of sizes and colours as well as a choice of layouts for display information.

Peregrine TX

Firmware is based on the Perdix recreational three-gas Nitrox Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with gradient factors designed for single, two and three gas modes with switchable gas choices for advance Nitrox diving applications.

Like all Shearwater wrist-mounted computers, there is simple two-button interface with a super easy to navigate menu making predive programming and operation underwater highly intuitive.  

In addition to colour codes of green, yellow, and red visual alerts, there is also a vibration alert system that can be activated by the diver to coincide with the visual alerts on the display.

Mark Newman takes a look at the new Peregrine TX

In place of the user-replaceable AA battery needed for running all Perdix models, the Peregrine features a sealed rechargeable battery system capable of yielding 30-hours of dive time per charge via a charging pad, much like those used by some model smart phones.

While the Peregrine provides both full decompression support and a built-in quick dive planner, some of the advanced features like technical modes for Trimix and CCR diving, the digital compass, and air integration were left out.

Peregrine TX

Now the new Peregrine TX rectifies that, adding in the three-axis, tilt-compensated digital compass and the air-integration functionality when paired with a SWIFT transmitter. The latter provides real-time gas pressure data and allows you to benefit from accurate gas time remaining calculations for extended dive times, while also letting you view all of your dive metrics on one display.

As well as the existing long straps that come in black, white and ocean blue, users can choose to personalise their Peregrine TX with standard-size straps in grey and white.

Shearwater’s CEO Jason Leggat explained: “Shearwater is commited to providing divers with air integration options across the full line of Shearwater computers. Not only does this support improve diver safety, but it creates a more seamless diving experience.” 

“All critical dive data is found in one device and calculations like Gas Time Remaining (GTR) can extend dive time, allowing us to do more of what we all love,” continued VP of Sales and Marketing, Josh Horoshok.

The Peregine TX is also keenly priced – SRPs are £690 / US$700 / CA$950.

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