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Shark Biologist Launches First Australian Wetsuit Brand For Women


Shark Biologist Launches First Australian Wetsuit Brand For Women

Shark biologist launches Australia’s first wetsuit brand exclusively for female divers and snorkelers

Amanda Elizabeth, a Perth-based shark biologist, has launched a bright, bold, and unapologetic wetsuit brand for women called BOLDE. Her wetsuits are made specifically for divers and snorkelers, with the current range including a jacket, springsuit and steamer. All the wetsuits are made from premium, Japanese limestone-based neoprene, a more environmentally friendly option than the traditional petroleum-based neoprene and can be paired with BOLDE’s matching mask and snorkel set, with more accessories to be released soon. 

Shark Biologist Launches First  Australian Wetsuit Brand For Women

Having spent a lot of time in the water, Amanda knows the way a wetsuit should feel, but she found many wetsuits did not fit properly, were not flattering and were often the same, boring black colour. “I love being in the ocean, but I couldn’t find a wetsuit that I was excited to wear, one that was bright, bold, and reflected my personality. I thought, why can’t a wetsuit be functional and stylish, one that would look great in and on the water?”

So, Amanda created her own colourful wetsuits, tailored specifically to a woman’s unique body shape. “Our wetsuits are designed specifically for women, by women”.

Shark Biologist Launches First  Australian Wetsuit Brand For Women

There has been a rise in women participating in previously male dominated water activities such as diving, but the wetsuit industry has not kept up with these changes. In 2011, women only made up around 20% of scuba divers, by 2021, this number had risen to over 30% (Zippia 2022). BOLDE was created to empower women who are pushing the boundaries, who are challenging the status quo by doing what once were, male dominated water activities.

Shark Biologist Launches First  Australian Wetsuit Brand For Women

Contact Information


Phone: (+61) 0420 320 970

Instagram: @boldewetsuits       

About Amanda Elizabeth

Amanda Elizabeth is a Perth-based shark biologist who saw the need for women to look and feel amazing while being on and in the water.  

She promotes the conservation, education, and research of sharks through a number of activities including film, media, speaking engagements, shark research and school presentations.

Amanda hosted and co-wrote a documentary for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week called Shark Soup, which highlighted the effects of the shark fin trade and Australia’s involvement in it.

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