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Sea Save Foundation launches fundraising platform for dive teams around the world


You are at depth, your Divemaster is out of air, what should you do? The only correct answer is ‘share your air’. Whether you have an octopus or you go ‘old school’ and buddy breathe, share your vital resource, and safely surface together.
Dive staff around the world are metaphorically ‘out of air’. The people who taught you to dive, carried your tanks, captained your boat, cooked your meals and shared your adventures are now in trouble due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As resort and liveaboard owners around the world do their best to keep their businesses solvent, they are doing all they can to help their staff. But it is not enough. Many people in the dive industry rely heavily upon tips – this pandemic has hit them very hard. We need to help make sure they have groceries, medicines and essentials they need as they safely surface from this pandemic shutdown.
Sea Save Foundation has created unique fundraising platforms for over 30 of your favourite dive destination teams. They believe that the people on the front lines of dive expeditions are critical ambassadors for ocean conservation. They show the world the beauty and challenges facing oceans, so we need to make sure they are safe. Sea Save Foundation will pass 100 percent of all monies raised directly to those in need.
Your favourite divemaster and crew need your help. What might be a small amount to you will go a long way for many of these people. It is time to make a huge difference in someone’s life – Click here to check out a list of teams you can help.
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