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Sea of Cortez Wander Women Expedition

Sponsored Post - Join 17 other ladies for a week full of world-class diving with whale sharks, sea lions and more. All whilst supporting Dive for a Cure


The Sea of Cortez is one of the best destinations for Mexico diving, where divers can explore pristine walls and reefs full of marine life. Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau once described the Sea of Cortez as the “world’s aquarium”.


The Quino El Guardian liveaboard is hosting their first all-ladies dive expedition to the Sea of Cortez, departing 19thAugust 2018, and will be donating 5% of the trip price to Dive for a Cure.


In their words, let’s celebrate life, have some fun and give to a worthy cause!


Divers can explore the best Sea of Cortez dives sites and encounter large and small whale species, snorkel with whale sharks, dive with playful sea lions and enjoy countless eels, octopus, fish and jumping mobula rays.  It is ideal for photography; with nudibranchs, colourful blennies, seahorses and more.


sea lion


The 25m Quino el Guardian was custom built for scuba diving and scientific research in the amazing Pacific Mexico waters. She caters for up to 16 divers in 4 quad cabins and there are only four spaces left on this unique liveaboard safari.


Don’t miss out! Book your trip today.









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