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‘Sea-litter’ was likely worth $1 million


'Sea litter' - Suspected cocaine in fake Nike wrappings (Monroe County Sheriff's Office)
Suspected cocaine in fake Nike wrappings (Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

Scuba divers with Rainbow Reef Dive Centre had completed a 30m dive off Key West in Florida on 5 June when they noticed what they thought was litter floating at the surface, and hooked a large black plastic bag aboard their boat Tropical Destiny.

The centre, which runs eight dive-boats, had after all only recently completed a PADI AWARE Foundation and Ocean Conservation Foundation Dive Against Debris event to mark World Ocean Day (8 June).

Once on deck, the bag was found to contain 25 packages, their wrappings marked with “Nike SB” labels complete with distinctive swoosh logo, but the divers soon realised that it wasn't sportswear they contained.

Back onshore, Rainbow Reef reported their discovery to Monroe County Sheriff's Office, which confirmed that each package contained 1kg of what it suspected to be cocaine. It duly turned the find over to the US Border Patrol.

A package containing 25kg of cocaine recently found washed onto a Florida Keys beach by a passer-by had been assigned a street-value of US $1 million.

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