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Scubapro launches new BCDs



Scubapro has launched two new BCDs, the upgraded Level, and the lightweight and foldable GO travel jacket.

Scubapro Level (SRP: £335)

The Scubapro Level for 2022 boasts afresh design incorporating eye-catching silver, blue and white graphics and a bold Scubapro logo to make it stand out in any diving crowd.

The bladder, made of EndurTex high-tenacity 420 nylon fabrics, is lightweight yet extremely rugged, and it’s designed to comfortably wrap around your body without squeeze. The new rotating quick-release shoulder buckles allow you to optimise the routing of your shoulder straps for comfort, and a sternum strap and adjustable cummerbund with double-pull over-strap make for the perfect fit.

The full-sized backpack, working together with Scubapro’s Super Cinch tank band, holds the tank rock solid for maximum stability.

Scubapro Level
The Scubapro Level BCD

The integrated weight system loads easy and ditches even easier with its low-profile 40mm flat buckles, and the new built-in trim weight pockets help distribute ballast weight and help ensure a comfortable swimming attitude while at depth.

Also included are two large cargo pockets, one with metal grommets for attaching a knife, four D-rings for clipping on additional gear, and two octo pockets for storing safe second and console hoses.

Scubapro GO (SRP: £405)

The Scubapro GO is loaded with the comfort and convenience features globe-trekking divers are looking for. A true travel BCD, the GO is constructed of 210 denier nylon covered with polyurethane and then RF soldered for maximum wear resistance. It is the company’s lightest front-adjustable BCD (size medium weighs only 2.5kg) and is designed to fold into a compact package that fits easily into a travel dive bag.

The GO BCD comes equipped with Scubapro’s new user-friendly Quick Cinch tank buckle system – this innovative, patented tank strap assembly adjusts easily and will fit any tank size; this is especially handy if you find yourself renting different tanks at different dive operations. An upper tank band is provided to help secure the tank for maximum stability at depth.

Scubapro GO
The Scubapro GO BCD

New compact rotating shoulder buckles make it easy to don the BCD and comfortably route shoulder straps. An adjustable sternum strap and a cummerbund with double-pull over-strap aid in dialling in the perfect fit

The quick-release integrated weight pouches each hold up to 4.5kg of ballast weight, ditch easily and secure with low-profile squeeze buckles. Two large low-profile zippered pockets, one fitted with stainless steel knife attachment grommets, provide lots of cargo-carrying capability. In addition, five aluminium D-rings, including two large pre-bent D-rings on the shoulder pads, offer convenient clip-on points for additional gear, and two octopus pockets are provided for securing octopus and console hoses.

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