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Scuba Escape trydives now on offer


Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about with the new Scuba Escape venture, based out of Vivian Quarry in North Wales? Maybe you have seen all of the social media posts, but are unsure of what it is exactly? I mean, not a lot has been disclosed about each of the games, and for good reason… the organisers don’t want to make it too easy for you!

To give people the opportunity to come along and have a go, without committing to a full game, creators Clare Dutton and Leanne Clowes have built a brand-new ‘mini game’!  

The game will be played as part of a ‘Scuba Escape Trydive’, a two- hour taster session, set out from start to finish in the same way as the others, to give you the basic idea of what is in store. No giveaways, but the theme will be taking one small step for scuba, One giant leap for mankind…

There are limited spaces for the trydives, which are £95 per person, so get in touch ASAP to book!

17th June

26th June

27th June

The trydive and all of the Scuba Escape games are suitable for Open Water certification or equivalent.

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