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Scuba Diving Tips for Non Swimmers


Scuba Diving Tips for Non Swimmers
Scuba Diving Tips for Non Swimmers 2

Enjoy Scuba Diving: Helpful Tips for Newbies

Ever wondered how those fantastic scuba divers became the mythical swimmers they are now?

They trained – intensively. As great as they are now, they may have started like any of us – with little to no swimming skills at all. Through the experience and training, they have become who they are now in swimming, especially scuba diving. Now, let's dive deep into the basics of how you can also become like the best swimmers and scuba divers with the right and proper training for scuba diving available out there.

Scuba diving is on top of the list when mentioning fun activities during their family trips and summer vacations, even if you only have little to no swimming skills. It might be too frightening to imagine yourself surrounded by a massive body of water, but a couple of tricks could help you ease the nervousness.

Of course, having the proper scuba gear can significantly aid you in scuba diving, let alone swimming entirely. A complete scuba gear includes fins to keep your neutral buoyancy, a buoyancy control device (BCD) jacket, and of course, your scuba tank for breathing. 

However, as a non-swimmer who is probably doing this for the first time in your life, you must note one important difference between swimming and diving. In swimming, our primary goal is to stay most of the time afloat. It is pretty essential to learn the basics. 

On the other hand, in scuba diving, the main goal is to literally “dive” and not stay afloat. With our natural buoyancy in play, even non-swimmers like yourself do not necessarily need the basics of swimming. 

Scuba Diving Tips for Non Swimmers

Enjoy Scuba Diving: Helpful Tips for Newbies

Scuba diving is a fun water activity, but a certain level of seriousness also goes along with it. As you begin your career in scuba diving or make it a hobby, focusing and continuous learning is essential as you acquire experience.

If you want to be qualified to scuba dive, or get certified, here are some helpful tips to make your scuba diving experience worthwhile.

1. Communicate well with your scuba diving instructor.

Having some swimming lessons can benefit you in scuba diving. More so, what’s so essential above all is your communication with your diving instructor. As a beginner, you should always listen and pay attention to your instructor since they know better and are with you in this experience as a guide and mentor.

2. Ask questions about diving whenever necessary.

As silly as they may be, try to ask a lot of questions about scuba diving from your instructor. When you're uncertain of something, ask for you to know. 

3. Have enough diving knowledge.

Skills you need in scuba diving are not the typical ones you need every time, so pay close attention as your dive instructor won't let you dive without knowing the material.

4. Your dive buddy is your diving best friend.

During dives, it can be beneficial to be with a buddy. More than anything else, the safety of you and everyone else in your group is a top priority than the remarkable beauty the depths of the big blue has to offer.

5. Keep yourself hydrated during dives.

Make sure to drink plenty of water as you start your day before proceeding to your dive. Being hydrated during dives is crucial since you can get dehydrated, especially in certain climates. 

6. Patience is a scuba diving virtue.

It might be fun and overwhelming, especially if it's your first dive. Scuba diving is a learned activity both in and out of the water, so you should learn to be patient. Time, experience, and mistakes are all essential in this long yet worthwhile process.

7. Relax and enjoy.

Once everything is set for your dive, try to relax and enjoy the experience, even if it's your first time. When you eventually calm your nerves and relax, you'll definitely enjoy your dive and make every moment a memorable one and look forward to your next time.

Scuba Diving Tips for Non Swimmers

Activities and Places That Can Help Enhance Your Newly-Acquired Scuba Diving Skills

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