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News round-up
New protection for seals on the cards, grants from Sea- Changers, a new course from BSAC, NDAC closes its doors, a tragic diver death, and a new campaign from Shark Trust.

DAN Medical Q&A
Divers Alert Network‘s medical experts answer your dive-related queries, including ‘Little Ear’ and atrial fibrillation.

Scuba Diver’s Editorial Director Mark Evans heads into Lancashire in search of mystical creatures – and finds something eerily reminiscent of a Lord of the Rings character…

Q&A with Blue Horizon Diving, Part II
We chat to Mark Wynne and Holly Wakely about their growing YouTube Channel, their most-memorable diving moments – and dives they’d rather forget!.

Mustard's Masterclass
First in a new underwater photography series, in which world-renowned, multi-award-winning shooter Alex Mustard will be passing on hints and advice to help you improve your underwater photography techniques.

UPY 2022
An astounding photo of five whalesharks feeding together at night in the waters of the Maldives sees Rafael Fernandez Caballero from Spain named Underwater Photographer of the Year 2022.

Divers Alert Network
The DAN Europe team explain why Divers Alert Network does not share chamber locations or availability.

Richard Cullen and Richard Stevens embark on an epic diving safari into the Egyptian Deep South aboard the brand-new liveaboard vessel Big Blue.

Marcus Greatwood specialises in freediving in remote, inaccessible areas, and on Kefalonia, he discovered a wondrous site that he affectionately refers to as ‘Muddy Hole’.

What’s New
We look at a range of new products coming to the market now or in the new future, including the Tecline Frameless Super View mask, Scubapro MK2 or MK11 with S270 regulator, the Mares EOS line of dive lights, and three new backplate-and-wings from Hollis.

Test Extra
Scuba Diver’s Editorial Director Mark Evans heads up to Capernwray to rate and review a couple of Seiko Prospex dive watches, the Save the Ocean ‘King Turtle’ limited-edition, and the PADI Chronograph, and the innovative Fourth Element Scout mask.

Our-World Underwater Scholarship
Arzucan rounds out her overview of her year as the Our-World Underwater Scholar so far.

Mark Evans
Mark Evans
Scuba Diver's Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans has been in the diving industry for nearly 25 years, and has been diving since he was just 12 years old. 30-odd years later and he is still addicted to the underwater world.



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