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Scuba Diver Magazine #41


News – Survey of the Solomon Islands coral reefs,beluga whales flown from China to Iceland, Emperor Divers back in the Maldives and Egypt, the DiveViz app, the launch of Young Divers International, and a BDMLR dolphin rescue.

Medical Q&A – Dr Oliver Firth from Hyperdive answers more questions from readers.

Divers Alert Network – The DAN Europe team looks at various considerations regarding dive insurance.

Conservation Corner – The Ocean Conservation Trust plants the first seeds in the National Marine Aquarium’s innovative seagrass lab.

United Kingdom – In the first of a two-part series, dedicated British-waters fan Stuart Philpott embarks on a whistlestop tour of some of the most-popular South Coast of England wrecks, from experimental tanks to shipwrecks of all shapes and sizes.

Jordan – Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans ventures into Jordan’s Military Museum, which comprises of a convoy of armoured vehicles and even a couple of attack helicopters sunk on the sandy seabed out of Aqaba in some 20m-30m of water.

Underwater Photography – Underwater photography guru Mario Vitalini turns his attentions to one of the most-charismatic of underwater creatures – the dolphin – and explains the best ways to capture these inquisitive, sometimes extremely fast-moving mammals.

The Philippines – Mike Bartick extols the virtues of the Filipino diving destination of Anilao, which is a Mecca for those wanting to go in search of macro critters, but also has plenty of shoals and bigger marine life.

Q&A: Orkney and Shetland Charters – The hallowed grounds of Scapa Flow arew rightly considered a diving Mecca for wreck fanatics. We chat to seasoned Orkney skippers Hazel
Weaver and Helen Hadley about German battleships, expeditions to the Shetland Islands – and scrumptious food.

TECHNICAL: Indonesia, part two – Crack cave diving team Maria Bollerup, Rasmus Dysted and Pete Mesley continue their search for undiscovered and unexplored cave systems in
remote parts of Sulawesi, Indonesia, and are once again let awe-struck by what they find beneath the jungle interior.

What’s New – New products, including the Fourth Element OceanPositive face masks, Santi Diving apresdivewear, Mares Pure Wire mask, Aqua Lung Omni BCD, Scubapro’s A2 wristwatch dive computer, and Aqua Lung’s new DS mask range.

Group Test – This issue we return with our latest group test, and we are looking at top-of-the-range regulators from all of the major manufacturers.

Long Term Test – Mark Evans gets his hands on a brand-new Shearwater Research Peregrine dive computer, which provides an entry-level priced unit into the
Shearwater family.

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