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News round-up

Rebreather Forum 4, Ocean Art 2022 winners, Seagrass planting off Cornwall, dive instructor sentenced after student dies, and tragic death of Thai cave rescue boy.

DAN Europe Medical Q&A

Divers Alert Network specialists discuss autism and diving.


Off the coast of Victoria in Australia is not somewhere you’d expect to find a fleet of British World War One J-class submarines, but PT Hirschfield finds they make a series of great dives.

Q&A with Natalie L Gibb

We chat to the Mexico-based cave diver and explorer about the challenges of co-ordinating expeditions, why she loves cave diving, and being inducted into the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame.

Mustard’s Masterclass

Having tackled the techniques of wide-angle, Alex Mustard now plans to see how we apply those techniques to some of the classic subjects, starting with wrecks.


Byron Conroy is captivated by the underwater delights of Belize, and even the imminent arrival of a hurricane failed to spoil his trip or dampen his enthusiasm for the destination.

UPY 2023

An eye-catching photo of a pink river dolphin breaching the surface of the River Amazon sees Kat Zhou from the United States named Underwater Photographer of the Year 2023. See all the winners showcased here.

Divers Alert Network

Tim Blömeke explains how to calculate your RMV from SPG readings before and after the dive, the cylinder size, and the average depth and dive time logged by your computer.

TECH: Mexico, part one

In November 2021, Maria Bollerup was part of the dive team on the Xunaan-Ha Expedition. It has taken her months to share the recollection of the events, and she thinks she is still coming down from a life- and career-changing event.

What’s New

The Scuba Diver teams takes a look at some of the new products heading to market, including the Apeks DSX dive computer, the Aqualung Black Leg3nd regulator, Fourth Element’s Hydro Stinger Suit, the Mares Sirius wristwatch-style dive computer, Santi’s Blue Power batteries, and the Seiko Prospex Diver’s Black Series limited-edition watch.

Test Extra

Editorial Director Mark Evans heads out to test dive the Shearwater Research Petrel 3, a multi-function dive computer capable of everything from entry-level recreational diving and several nitrox mixes to trimix and full CCR.

Chamber Diaries

A patient from Midlands Diving Chamber talks about getting DCI, and getting treated at the MDC.

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Scuba Diver's Editorial Director Mark Evans has been in the diving industry for nearly 25 years, and has been diving since he was just 12 years old. nearly 40-odd years later and he is still addicted to the underwater world.
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