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Scuba Diver Destinations touches down in North America


Avid scuba divers in the USA and Canada can look forward to a treat when a new lavishly illustrated, coffee-table dive travel magazine launches in North America next month.

The first issue of Scuba Diver Destinations – which is designed to fire your excitement and inspire your next diving adventure – will be getting its print debut at the DEMA trade show in Orlando (13-16 November), below is a sneak peek of the very first issue. Subscribe for a FREE digital subscription to all our magazines.

This brand-new quarterly magazine features in-depth, educational, entertaining and visually stunning articles on diving hotspots around the world, from those well-known locations to others which are more off the beaten track. Issue #1 includes features on the Maldives, Indonesia, Fiji, the Philippines, Grenada, Florida and, in the regular Technical Diving Section, Truk Lagoon.

While the title is devoted to showcasing dive travel around our water planet, there are also extensive sections on underwater photography, featuring hints and advice from a panel of expert snappers, as well as some unbiased and comprehensive equipment reviews.

Their US operation is spearheaded by renowned underwater photojournalist Walt Stearns.

Walt commented: “My devotion to our ocean planet has led me down multiple paths and taken me around the globe to unforgettable locations – from the Caribbean to the various corners of the Pacific and Indo-Pacific. So, for me, the opportunity to be able to share an in-depth showcase of the best local, national and international diving destinations is a real treat.

“My passion for the underwater world remains as strong as ever, and my dive travels continue to enrich me with a great appreciation and concern for our water world. I’m honored for the opportunity to be able to share this passion with you, and look forward to chronicling the continued discoveries, adventures and joys that dive travel brings.”

A new website has also been launched at which will feature local news and content for North America.

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