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Scuba Diver ANZ Issue 56 Out Now


Scuba Diver ANZ Issue 56 Out Now

Click here for Scuba Diver ANZ issue 56.

News round-up
Rebreather Forum 4 in Malta, tragic death of Thai cave rescue boy, photo school opens in Fiji, and the Australian government bans a coal mine to save the GBR.

DAN Medical Q&A
Dive specialists from Divers Alert Network discuss donating a kidney, and increased pressure exposure.

Over the coming months, we will delve, state by state, into the magnificent and diverse diving the waters of Australia offer, starting with this guide to Queensland diving.

Vanuatu is best known to divers around the world for the wreck of the SS President Coolidge, but as we show, there is much more to Vanuatu’s underwater world.

Mustard’s Masterclass
Alex Mustard turns his attentions towards shooting schools of fish.

Unique Australian Marine Life
Nigel Marsh takes a closer look at the Melbourne skate.

Diving With… Jayne Jenkins
PT Hirschfield chats to instructor, explorer, and underwater photographer Jayne Jenkins about her impressive resume.

Divers Alert Network
The DAN experts offer a quick and simple guide on how to keep your cool and prevent panic.

TECH: Cyprus
The jewel in the crown of wreck diving in Cyprus in the Mediterranean is the roll-on, roll-off ferry Zenobia. It can be dived by recreational divers, but to get into the heart of the rusting beast, it is better to be technically trained.

Papua New Guinea
Don Silcock explores the Witu Islands in Papua New Guinea.

Byron Conroy visits Meridian Adventure Dive’s land-based resort to see if it lives up to expectations.

What’s New
The Scuba Diver team showcase new products to market, including the Scubalamp D-Pro Strobe, the latest diver’s watch from Seiko, the Black Series Limited Edition, the Apeks DSX dive computer, the Aqualung Leg3nd Black limited- edition regulator, and the Mares Sirius wristwatch-dive dive computer.

Test Extra
Contributor Jayne Jenkins rates and reviews the Venture Heat Pro 32 heated vest, and is obviously impressed by the flexibility and performance of this product, which can be used both wet and dry.

Conservation Corner
Focus on the Spot the Leopard Shark Thailand, a community- based photo-identification monitoring programme.

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Picture of Adrian Stacey
Adrian Stacey
Scuba Diver ANZ Editor, Adrian Stacey, first learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef over 24 years ago. Since then he has worked as a dive instructor and underwater photographer in various locations around the world including, Egypt, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico and Saba. He has now settled in Australia, back to where his love of diving first began.
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