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Scuba Diver ANZ Issue 35 Out Now


Scuba Diver ANZ Issue 35 Out Now



The winners of The Underwater Tour underwater photography competition, a major beach and underwater clean-up in Chowder Bay, protected status for Avoid Island, Coral Gardeners in Tahiti celebrate four years in operation – and 15,000 corals planted – and the innovative Ecoventures programme.

Medical Q&A

The experts at Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific discuss children and diving, and the reasons for depth limits for younger divers.


Conclusion of a two-part article in which we asked Master Reef Guides to choose their top 12 dives on the Great Barrier Reef. Locations in part two include North Horn and Soft Coral Wall on Osprey Reef, and Crystal Plateau on Bougainville Reef.

The Galapagos

The Galapagos Whaleshark Project conducted a research trip during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but as you will find out, organising it was not a simple matter.

Underwater Photography

Napoleon wrasse are one of the most-charismatic fish in the sea, and Mario Vitalini offers some advice on how to capture awesome shots.

Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific

The DAN medical experts extol the virtues of remaining cool, calm and collected when you are diving, particularly if you encounter an issue or an emergency.

Wreck Hunter

Underwater archaeology expert Mike Haigh looks at using photomosaics in wreck site investigations.

Q&A: Dr Richard Smith

Scuba Diver Editor-at-Large (Australia and New Zealand) Adrian Stacey talks to Dr Richard Smith about nudibranchs, the lure of Aussie diving, and pygmy seahorses.


Nigel Marsh explains how while Lady Elliot Island might be famous for its friendly manta rays, there is much more to the island’s rich underwater diversity than these leviathans.

Papua New Guinea

Scuba Diver Senior Travel Editor Don Silcock continues his series focusing on Papua New Guinea, in this article concentrating on the diving opportunities off New Island.

What’s New

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans looks at new products hitting the dive market, including the 3mm, 5mm and 7mm wetsuits from Henderson made from Greenprene, baseball cap and polo shirt from Fourth Element, the O’Three 90Ninety trilaminate drysuit, and the Garmin Descent MK2S dive computer.

Test Extra

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans rates and reviews the Best Divers Aldebaran dive light, and the Aqualung Sphera X freediving mask.

Conservation Corner

Conservation projects in and around Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia – this issue, you are urged to seek out reef-friendly sunscreen to help protect the fragile underwater environment.

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Picture of Adrian Stacey
Adrian Stacey
Scuba Diver ANZ Editor, Adrian Stacey, first learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef over 24 years ago. Since then he has worked as a dive instructor and underwater photographer in various locations around the world including, Egypt, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico and Saba. He has now settled in Australia, back to where his love of diving first began.
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