Scuba Diver #33

Scuba Diver #33

Read the latest news, equipment reviews and travel reports in Scuba Diver #33, out now in all good dive stores or read it online. In this issue;

Alex Mustard Shoot To Win The Maestro Offers Sage Advice On Creating Competition-winning Photographs

Bermuda Blast We Explore The Shipwreck Capital Of The Atlantic

What’s Your Watch? The Test Team Rates And Reviews Wristwatch-style Dive Computers

Indonesian Expedition Adrian Stacey Finishes His 1,300-mile Liveaboard Adventure In Raja Ampat

All At Sea Entry And Exit Techniques When Boat Diving

Unexplored Stunning Short Film Showcases Cave Diving – And Girl Power!

Bali ‣ Our-world Underwater Scholar ‣ Lembeh Strait

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