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Rosenstein celebrates the ‘dawn of Red Sea diving’



Howard Rosenstein, one of the undoubted pioneers of diving in the Middle East, has released a book that celebrates these early days of exploration and adventure – Treasures, Shipwrecks and the Dawn of Red Sea Diving.

In this captivating memoir, Rosenstein – who was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame in 2009 – shares the story behind the transformation of Sharm El Sheikh from a battleground to a playground. When he arrived to set up a dive centre, there were burnt-out tanks beside the water and cannons guarding the reefs. 

It all started humbly with a boxcar on the beach, ‘borrowed' power, and a caravan for a home. Tempting people to travel to what was technically a war zone was the next challenge. In the process, they braved floods, assisted grounded ships, and Howard even dived into Mount Sinai itself. Over the following decade, they laid the foundations for one of the most-exciting and popular dive destinations on Earth. 

Howard Rosenstein – the man, the myth, the legend

They were pioneers of recreational diving, sharing the magic of pristine coral reefs with a generation of adventurous souls. This true story dives headfirst into those intoxicating times, when celebrated guests, uncharted dives, and historical discoveries became the extraordinary routine. 

It’s a tale of grit, where resourcefulness and connections fueled Howard’s pioneering spirit. From Roman coins glinting on the seabed to the dark, unmapped depths, his dives unveiled sunken treasures and secrets of the past. He rubbed shoulders with underwater legends, best-selling authors, photography greats, and even world leaders. He navigated murky shipwrecks, charmed amorous sharks, and found himself a player in the delicate dance of peace negotiations, all with the lingering prospect that one day they might be forced to leave their paradise. 

This beautiful book with printed hardcover and separate jacket features 200+ captivating images above and below water taken by the author, David Doubilet and others. It is available now from, online and from retailers, priced £30.

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