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Reef Restoration Fiji



Koro Sun Resort Reef Restoration with Ocean Ventures & Dive Special

Where has time flown! It's mid-year and so much has been going on since our last update.  Here are the highlights from the past few months.

Celebrating June World Oceans month where we continue to raise awareness on the importance of our marine ecosystem.  We give recognition to our local partner, Ocean Ventures who provide educational briefings on the ongoing coral restoration activities in the surrounding bay and reefs.  Guests can enjoy hands-on coral conservation experiences and a wonderful snorkel adventure at Natewa Bay through our partnership with Ocean Ventures.

Reef Restoration Fiji

The Ocean Ventures team are doing amazing conservation works such as the many coral rope nurseries they’ve created that help restore and protect the underwater beauty at Natewa Bay and along the surrounding reefs.

Reef Restoration Fiji

This is one of many great dive sites that is a boat ride away from Koro Sun Resort and is teeming with schools of fishes like tuna, barracuda, sharks and other marine life. Although I feel this video does not do it justice, I hope you enjoy this short video of the underwater beauty of Dream House.

Video by: Koro Sun Resort Dream House Dive Adventure by Dive4Life Team

Photo Credit: Ocean Ventures

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