The Red Sea Aggressor II™ offers guests a 7-night itinerary diving the best of the north to Ras Mohamed and the Straits of Tiran. Just off shore lives thousands of species of fish in beautiful crystal clear water with coral gardens, historical shipwrecks, breath-taking soft corals, and pinnacles. Aggressor Adventures also offers guests the option to book a 5 night package on the new 157 ft. Nile Queen which sails along the Nile River taking guests back in time to see the land of the pharaohs that has changed little since they ruled. Guests are able to easily do back to back charters in order to experience the incredible diversity the Red Sea has to offer on the Red Sea Aggressor II from the north and the Red Sea Aggressor I in the south. For more information, visit

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3 years ago

Any more news on the Aggressor fleet dive boat that burned and killed one American in the red sea on November 1st.
They are keeping this very quiet.