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Ready for the NoTanx Cave Freediving Challenge?



NoTanx have been teaching breathing and relaxation for sport for over 20 years, and have shown that the ability to lower your heart rate and focus on self-awareness can be used for anything from freediving and scuba to film stunts and horseriding.

Marcus Greatwood and the NoTanx team specialise in exploring hard-to-reach freediving locations, such as underground lakes, which often require them to climb up a single rope – like abseiling, but in reverse!

At the GO Diving Show, the team will be teaching both the basic skills of relaxation, and ascending a rope – and they are giving you the opportunity to test those skills on the Cave Freediving Challenge.

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Would you be up to the challenge of climbing to an inaccessible dive site?

Ascend a 25-metre high rope (a purpose-built frame means you are never more than a few inches above the ground), then lower your heart rate enough to hold your breath.
There will be prizes on both days for the quickest times!

Email: to book your slot, or head over to the stand on the day to see how you fare!

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The GO Diving Show is taking place on 4-6 March 2022 at the NAEC Stoneleigh

Book your tickets for the ultimate UK diving event – sponsored by Tobago Beyond – right now!

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Tobago Beyond is the show sponsor
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