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RAID launches OTS full-face mask programme



Dive training agency RAID has launched a brand-new programme focused on the OTS Full Face Mask (FFM).

Following on from the agency's early unit-specific FFM programme, this new offering teaches everything a diver (or instructor) needs to know to safely use the OTS Guardian and Spectrum FFMs. ​It provides detailed modules on the advantages of using a full face mask, including environmental protection, improved physiological comfort, and enhanced communication capabilities. ​

The anatomy, set-up, inspection, donning, adjustment, emergency procedures, post-dive care, maintenance, and communication techniques specific to using the OTS Guardian and Spectrum FFMs are included. ​

The programme is open to divers who are at least 15 years old and certified as an Open Water 20 diver or equivalent. ​Minors need guardian permission to participate. 

The purpose of the agency’s approach to Full Face Mask programmes is to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and abilities for safe open water diving using the OTS Full Face Mask. ​ The programme covers various conditions, environments, and depths in accordance with the participant’s training, experience, and the specifications of the specific equipment manufacturer. ​

The certification obtained through this programme is unit-specific, meaning it enables divers to safely and efficiently conduct dives using an OTS Full Face Mask within the limits of their core level certifications. ​Other FFM units are supported through other RAID programmes.

The maximum training depth for confined water training dives is 6m, and for open water training dives, it is 20m. ​All training must be conducted by a RAID Ocean Reef or OTS full face mask instructor, with a certified assistant who is also a full face mask diver present.

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