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Scuba Diver and Scuba Diver ANZ are monthly editions, shipping at the beginning of each month. Scuba Diver North America is a quarterly edition shipping at the beginning of Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec.

What Does It Cost:

We cover the printing, you cover the postage its that simple. Boxes range between 40-60 copies depending on paginations. You can reduce the number of copies you wish to receive by selecting the number of copies you wish to receive.

What Do I Get:

Apart from an amazing magazine to help promote diving within your own communities, we also give free advertising credit in the form of a directory listing in the magazine.

Scuba Diver ANZ Edition

The Scuba Diver magazines – Scuba Diver; Scuba Diver Australia and New Zealand; and Scuba Diver Destinations – were created with one purpose in mind: to keep current divers enthused and actively diving, and to attract new divers into our watery world and bring fresh life-blood into the industry.

To this end, we strive to target divers and want-to-be divers by placing the magazines into dive centres, but this is a partnership – if you want to stock Scuba Diver in your store, we’ll cover the print costs, all we ask is that you pay the postage to get them to you.

Why would you want to stock Scuba Diver? These lavishly illustrated and well-written magazines are done by active and enthusiastic divers, for divers, and with each issue containing in-depth travel reports from around the globe, Q&As with influential members of the diving community, hints and advice from acknowledged experts, and comprehensive equipment reviews, you can utilize them to drive footfall into your centre, and as an added benefit for your divers.

  • Let your customers know the latest issue has arrived on your social media, drive them into the store to collect a copy, which gives you the opportunity to interact with them on a regular basis = more chance of sales on equipment, trips and courses.
  • Put a copy into your Open Water packs to further excite and enthuse these new divers as to what wonders they will be able to experience once they complete their dive course.
  • Dish out copies to people completing trydives to help ‘hook’ them on our sport and bring them back to you for an entry-level course.
  • We even include stickers to go on the covers of the magazines, so you can distribute some to local community hubs – doctor’s surgeries, hairdressers, dentists, etc – and direct people straight back to your story for more information.

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