The President of the Seychelles ventured into a submersible and headed below 120m to present a live broadcast focusing on the health of our oceans, and better protection for the world’s seas.

Danny Faure, who had joined the British-led Nekton Mission expedition exploring the deep ocean depths around the island archipelago, descended to 124m and during the broadcast explained that ‘the ocean is the beating blue heart of our planet’ and stressed that it was ‘under threat like never before’. He said: “We have managed to seriously impact this environment through climate change. We have created these problems, we must solve them – and we must solve them together.”

The Seychelles is already acclaimed for its stance on ocean conservation – just last year, it created protected areas of the ocean that were ‘the size of Great Britain’ in exchange for getting some of its national debt paid off. It was the first debt swap designed to protect ocean areas in the world. The Seychelles aims to protect 30 percent of its ocean space by next year.


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